A list of stories, published and to-be-published, by Brian O’Connell.

  • “Woodland”. Short story. First published in The Yellow Booke Vol. III (ed. M. Grant Kellermeyer), April 2016.
  • “My Mother’s Skin”. Short story/flash fiction. First published in Ravenwood Quarterly #1 (ed. Travis Neisler), September 2016. Republished on this site, June 2017.
  • “Reaping”. Poem. First published as “The Reaping” in Ravenwood Quarterly #2 (eds. Travis Neisler and Christopher Ropes), October 2016.
  • “OneiroVision”. Short story. Published in Terror in 16-Bits (ed. Jonathan Raab), August 2017.
  • “Scenes from a Forgotten Diorama”. Short story. To be published in Test Patterns (ed. Duane Pesice).