Brian O’Connell is a sixteen year old author of horror and weird fiction, mainly within the subgenre of “folk horror”. He is the assistant editor of the noted Ravenwood Quarterly, and his fiction has been published by the likes of Oldstyle Tales Press and Electric Pentacle. He also runs pages based on the work of acclaimed weird fiction author Matthew M. Bartlett. He lives somewhere on the southern shore of Long Island. He enjoys the rain, the beach, the forest, and the smell of an ancient church crumbling one damp morning.

Other places on the Internet which he haunts:

  • The Conqueror Weird: a blog containing criticism on modern works within the genre and original fiction by the likes of Sean M. Thompson and John Linwood Grant.
  • WXXT: the official fan space for the work of Matthew M. Bartlett. One can find news, merch, and broadcasts here.