Things I’m Working On Right Now (1)

I have this week off and so I plan to get some work done.

The main priority is a story tentatively titled “OneiroVision”, which is for an anthology I’m not allowed to talk about yet. It’s set in the mid nineties in New York City and follows a young boy who notices a very interesting ad in a decrepit alley on his way home from school. It’ll (probably) be the first published story in my series of NYC-centric horror stories, and features elements and characters that show up in an older, unfinished story called “Abattoir” (something I intend to complete…one day…). I would say more, but the publisher has asked for story notes, so you’ll have to read the book (that is, if the story gets accepted).

After that there’s a story (working title: “Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair”) which I plan to send to Peter Rawlik’s The Chromatic Court: Tales of the Lovecraftian Arts, which proposes ties between Old Ones, colors, and various art forms (e.g., King in Yellow/yellow/theatre). For me it was a debate between Nyarlathotep (my favorite H.P.L. deity, given his Devil-like nature) and Shub-Niggurath, but I eventually went with the latter, since there’s so little written about her that I can basically do whatever I want. The guidelines ask specifically for a narrative more in the vein of Robert W. Chambers than of Lovecraft, which is something I’m trying to keep in mind. I love Chambers’ writing style, and all of those romantic plots intertwined with the surreal horror, but I opted to go with a tone that suits my color. This story is, hopefully, going to be a cesspool of darkness and despair, and I’ll see if I can slip some eloquence in there.

Then there’s another Lovecraftian story, one for Broken Eye Books’ Welcome to Miskatonic University. This one is a little trickier, but plot details are gestating. It would be criminal not to share the astounding Michael Bukowski’s wraparound cover art, which is in and of itself reason enough to buy the book:


I don’t always enjoy writing Cthulhu Mythos stories, partially because I find it much more enjoyable to play in sandboxes of my own. Like many others, I wrote my share of awful Lovecraft pastiches when I was twelve, and thankfully those are lost forever. The themes of these two anthologies intrigued me, and both seem to be open to experimentation with Lovecraft’s creations, but after this I definitely want a break from tentacled monstrosities. Give me back my witches and devils!

That change of scenery may come with an anthology I can’t talk about, but which is themed after Ouija boards and hauntings. I’m still not clear on what I want to write, but I basically know the characters and the tone. It should be tons of fun.

That’s pretty much everything. I suppose I’m going to write something really quick for Ravenwood Quarterly #4: Goat Worship (for which I was fortunate enough to interview the charming Robert Eggers, director of my favorite film, The Witch), as that’s very in my field, and I would really like to send something to Turn to Ash and The Yellow Booke: Vol. V…but the above mentioned tales are currently at the top of my list.

Now I should really start writing that video game story.


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